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Professionalisiere Dein Warenmanagement und vermeide unnötige Out-Of-Stock-Phasen,

in denen Du viel Geld und Dein noch wichtigeres Ranking verlierst.

Anbindung an Billbee, Ebay, Shopify & co.

Mit VentoryOne überwachst Du jetzt auch die Warenbestände von Ebay und Shopify.

Weitere Vertriebskanäle folgen, damit Du wirklich alle relevanten Marktplätze an einem Ort verwalten kannst!

Darüber hinaus kannst Du die Billbee-Anbindung nutzen, um weitere Kanäle anzubinden. Einen Überblick findest Du auf Homepage von Billbee. 2

Did you know that Amazon makes mistakes that cost you a lot of money?

People make mistakes, that's no secret! And when you consider that over 1.5 million people work at Amazon, it's only logical that mistakes happen there too.

But it becomes problematic when it's at your expense!

That's why we have built the ultimate "MoneyBack" solution with the help of our many years of seller experience, which saves you time and effort in the assertion of refund claims.

Examples of classic Amazon mistakes:
FBA fees too high
Your goods are lost
Incomplete FBA Send Ins
Goods accidentally damaged
Customer refund without return
and many more

5 reasons, why you should not do "MoneyBack" yourself

#1 - Compleyxity

It is almost impossible to understand connections. Amazon's many small errors are hidden under mountains of Amazon reports. You have to analyze & evaluate them extensively to discover the errors.

#2 - Time 

The time required is unbelievably high. You need to prepare the information perfectly, open & process cases at Amazon Support. We opened up to 913 cases per customer & month during our beta phase. Better put that time into your product development!

#3 - Overview

It is almost impossible to keep track of everything. On average, only a 2-digit amount is reimbursed per case. With the sum of cases that are open in parallel, you will lose the overview.

#4 - Following Errors

Subsequent errors annoy Amazon & waste your time. You quickly lose track of your cases and mix up information or even request refunds twice by mistake. This wastes valuable time and could get you penalized by Amazon.

#5 - Precision

You will leave potential. No matter how good you are, our algorithm is better. The errors are simply too versatile & the reports too convoluted. That's why we have developed an algorithm that misses absolutely no error and really makes everything visible!

Story about "MoneyBack"

As many of you know, we are experienced Amazon Sellers and had developed VentoryOne out of our own needs.

However, at that time we not only had challenges with the supply chain, but also had to experience the 5 points mentioned above first hand.

We simply needed a reliable solution that no longer allowed any errors, saved time and simply worked perfectly.

Out of this need we have not only developed the goods management software VentoryOne, but now also add the long awaited "MoneyBack" function.

Have fun with it!

Kevin & Andrej - Founder of VentoryOne

This is how you can also use the new function

Step 1

Click the "Start Now!" Button
and start our chatbot,
which will guide you through the process.

Step 2

Accept our commission.
To cover our costs we need 20% of the amount we will recover for you. The remaining 80% of the refund will be for you!

Step 3

Invite us to Seller Central.
This is necessary so that we can
open cases for you with Amazon Seller Support and manage them.

Step 4

Give us the necessary permissions.
After we accept your invitation, we will tell you what permissions we need.

Step 5

Now you can access the dashboard, transparently track our work & watch your account balance grow live.

The best Amazon "MoneyBack" service provider on the market

This is why you should use VentoryOne MoneyBack


The setup is very easy, because you don't have to set up anything with us. We only need SC access!


Immediately after you sign up, we'll start catching bugs & making requests!


We find errors that others don't. We promise. That's why we offer higher refunds!


A clear dashboard shows you your monthly reimbursement and transparently all activities!

stress free

You don't have to upload any annoying documents. We prove everything to Amazon with their own reports!


We do not need any relevant permissions, which could cause damage!

123.901,22 €

Beta testing phase has exceeded expectations

During the beta test phase, we recovered a total of 123,902.22 Euros for our first 10 beta testers within 7 weeks!

Some of the beta testers had already used other tools & service providers for "MoneyBack" or "Lost & Found", which had obviously worked very uncleanly.

After internal evaluations, we discovered that the other tools and service providers had "left behind" or not discovered a high 5-digit sum (compared to VentoryOne) from our beta testers alone.

We ourselves were very surprised by the results!

What our beta testers said about the new MoneyBack function

Feedback of Christopher

High praise for your reimbursement tool. We have several in the works, but no tool has matched such large amounts.

Feedback of Eugen

Just got a call from Amazon, they have no more money for refunds. 🤣
Total refund €16,987.68

Feedback of Max

Amazon will be bankrupt tomorrow if you continue like this. 8.485,08 € 😀


What are the costs associated with the new function?

VentoryOne charges a fee of only 20% on the successfully completed refunds, which still makes VentoryOne cheaper than comparable service providers and tools & still offers the most functionality & best service!

Moreover, we know ways to get your money back that others don't. This can be confirmed by our customers, who got back 4- or even 5-digit sums in a short time!

Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, you log in, grant our team the necessary access rights and sit back!

Why use MoneyBack from VentoryOne?

We have developed a software that analyzes your data and matches it with the respective inventory. Our team of experts will then open the necessary cases in Amazon SellerCentral on your behalf. Our goal is to recover as many refunds as possible for you.

Our team will keep track of all open cases until the money is credited to your account. So all you have to do is sit back and relax.

VentoryOne's MoneyBack capabilities are constantly evolving so that we can always offer you the best service and get you cash back.

Can I also stop the service again?

Yes, you can always write to our customer service and we will set the service for you.

How does VentoryOne get the data from my SellerCentral?

VentoryOne uses the Amazon SP-API to process the necessary data from your Amazon SellerCentral. The connection between VentoryOne and your Amazon SellerCentral can be interrupted at any time.

My question is not listed here. How can I ask you a question?

Click on the icon on the bottom right and write directly with our team

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